Southwold, Suffolk

Some and Some 

Whether or not you can be seen… There’s a time to be dirty and a time to be clean… If ever you feel a bit of doubt… You sing this song to work it out… It’s good to play in mud and sand… Then afterwards put soap in hand… Many fun things there are to do… Just wash your hands when you are through… Live your life right happy and keen… There’s a time to be dirty and a time to be clean.

Kiss the Earth

How do you see a howling wind, a little taste of hell? Or are you more the optimist and view it as “Oh well!”. I often look on the upside and often not the down, but when a storm is over me, I`m crushed into a frown. For when it bears upon me, it breaks a priceless bond, with this very special earth to which i am so fond. I have to go find shelter, theres no one here but me, I always know that I am trapped, as i turn the key. In my world i live my life just like a raging storm, touching everyone and thing as though i`ve just been born. Kiss the earth, your hearts desire, this act will make it race, don`t just read this, do it, let the grass next to your face. I promise that our Nature, will take you where you lay, connect you to your spirit, showing you the way. I wish that everyone of us would wake up from that dream. Thinking far too less of earth, or so, it would seem. Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Give to earth a hand, And touch our Nature, love it all, plants, soil, sea and sand. alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolk suffolktourism suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter
A Family of Cattle, Eastgate, Suffolk

I Will Never Leave You

So many things i love, about the way you are, yours has to be the brightest light, that radiates so far. At times i want to help you, but find it very hard, when you take yourself away, and play the shut off card. I think that now`s the time, to tell you what i see, as i am so close to you, and you so close to me. Dark your hair and stunning eyes, of penetrating blue, a happy buzzing bee, is what i think of you. How you act is very funny, you are completely daft, always, you have to muddle words, many times i`ve laughed and laughed. I know you know i`m here, for ease along the way, forever make that lovely smile, everyday, is what i say. I cannot find a perfect word, for what you mean to me, because i am not physical, all i can do is be. Keep your faith in life, reach for the stars above, they will sparkle in the sky, an endless stream of love. I`ll always be right with you, my very dearest friend, i will never leave you, i`m here until the end. alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolk suffolktourism suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter
Waves breaking at Dunwich, Suffolk


Riding on the wave


Elevated in the air

My feet have left the ground

Relief is rushing through my soul

Happiness I am bound.


Lonely in my box

I could not find the door

Confusion always emptiness

My self it needed more.


Many times throughout my life

I walked along in glue

Never felt complete and right

Knew not of what to do.


Eventually I found

A thing so full of love

It must have floated through the sky

From the stars above.


It looked at me

Right in to my eye

The presence I felt deeply

So warm

What a high!


A lightening bolt then hit me

Expanding all my mind

Ripping up that box

Now free from every bind.


The revelation

The thing to do

Find the sea side fast

To live right in the moment

No future and no past.


All my cares have gone

This life I want to save


I’m above it all

Riding on the wave. alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolk suffolktourism suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter
Walberswick, Suffolk

Lovelorn for the Coast

Many walks I’ve done, the forests, countryside and sea,

There’ll always be that feeling, which keeps pulling hard at me.

So many that I love and may think they are the best,

But still that tingle in my heart, is beating all the rest.


When i’m away too long, my heart sinks, way down low,

My smile it seems to disappear, leaving sadness that I know.

Elation, fit to burst, I’m heading for the coast,

Thrilling feelings in my soul, as this I love the most.


Standing on the shore, arms outstretched so wide,

Careless of anything, I’m open, step inside.

Inspiration from this seaside land, a life you want to live,

Lovelorn no more, endless passion for me to give.


The secret for the happiest life, for us all, you&me,

Is to make sure you visit often, that life enhancing sea.

 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolktourism norfolktourism suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter
Waveney Valley, Norfolk


Norfolk is . . . in Winter


Norfolk is in Winter

A bright and shining light

Jack Frost will crystallize

Our land

With all his might.


Then the sun will warm us

Taking off the chill

Radiating happiness

With all her lovely will.


A beautiful flint cottage

Still holds on to a rose

Even though the north wind

Has froze my toes and nose.


When you go to Norfolk

Go find a local man

Listen to his dialect

Take in all you can.


“I have a thing to larn you

I’m not sorft or full of squit

My Hoss and Dawg in Winter

On Mousehold Heath they sit.


Night time Norridge they can see

When it has wholly snew

Full moon and stars all glistening

And chimleys smoke is blue.


Them, like me we love this place

A masterpiece of land

Afore too long you’ll love it too

With head and heart and hand.”


Now these words fresh in your mind

A picture you paint clear

Norfolk is in Winter

So wonderful

And dear.

 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolktourism norfolktoursm suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter
Poppy Field, Langham, Norfolk

The Poppy in My Hand


Scarlet red and shining bright

The poppy in my hand

I’m thinking what it means to me

As I sit here in the sand.


In the air behind me

Comes the bugles poignant tune

It fills my heart with sadness

Lives cut short far too soon.


Everyone who risks their lives

Have done and do it for you and me

On the land and in the air

And on the deep blue sea.


What can I do for them

Today and everyday?

My prayers

My deepest love

Never ending thankfulness

To take them on their way.


Look what you’ve done for us

So self less

We are so proud


Radiating from you

Like the sun behind a cloud.


Eternal thanks we give to you

Our lives you always touch

The stars will take care of you

Sending all our love

So endlessly

So much.


Now on my heart I place

The poppy in my hand

To give my love back to you

For my freedom on this land. alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers walberswick suffolk suffolkcopywriter norfolkcopywriter suffolktourism norfolktourism
Walberswick, Suffolk



From the moment we stared as we sat on the beach,

The worry and sadness stretched way out of reach.

Sea gently rippled amongst the stone,

Just you and me at last alone.


All that I dreamed for my life and forever,

Cosseted by a love that nothing could sever.

The coast kissed breeze, A love warmed shore,

The depth of our eyes such wanting for more.


Both drawn forwards our bodies then touch,

Our lips close together, emotion so much.

The only sound that we both could hear,

Was our beating hearts away the fear.






Electrically charged

Nature is done.
 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers holkham norfolktourism suffolktourism norfolkcopywriter suffolkcopywriter
Holkham, Norfolk

The Holkham Heart

The Almshouses Car Park, the sun is beating down.
My goodness me what a place, it certainly beats a town.
On goes my boots, laces nice and tight,
Bag on my back, I’m now in full flight.

From Lady Ann’s Drive, i enter Burrow Gap,
The pines they are so beautiful, i could stay and take a nap.
Sauntering through the sand dunes, expectation within my reach,
There it is, i see it, the wonder of that beach.

Never have i been, to a wonder such as this,
Expanding sands and scenery a delight that you can’t miss.
So, i had to stop and stare, take in the sparkling sea,
With an over whelming feeling, that this heaven is here for me.
My heart is full of love, for every piece of coast,
But Holkham, by far, is the place i love the most.


 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalksers suffolk copywriter norfolkcopywriter suffolktourism norfolktourism
Southwold, Suffolk


Spreading the Love


Early evening here I sit,

Alone on a little bench.

My views of hills and water,

Thoughts racing, such a wrench.

So warm and calm I feel,

As the sun shines on my face,

The shadows in the landscape,

Look like cotton wool and lace.


Dreamy plans run through my head,

Like wind upon a mast,

When suddenly it hit me,

The answer at long last.


Always thought its love I need,

To take, to fill my heart.

A life long partner close to me,

To stay and never part.


But, it seems that I was very wrong,

It’s not the love that’s ‘given’ to me,

The answer is to ‘give away’

Yes . . . That is the key!


The happiest that you will ever feel,

Flying high just like a Dove,

The perfect way to live your life,

Is by Spreading All Your Love.


 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers Dunwich suffolktourism norfolktourism
Dunwich, Suffolk

Over the Gate


Below me was the River Blyth,

As I strode across the bridge.

Making my way to Walberswick,

With  my mind set on the ridge.


There, from that bench,

I had a reed bed view,

Lush and green and full of life,

But my moments were of few.


I made my way along a track,

Heading for the wood,

Trees and Bluebells everywhere,

I’d lay there if I could.


The track then turned to road,

As I walked along the street,

Expecting to see no one,

But a stranger I would meet.


I glanced to my left,

Of a sky of blue and back,

Fumbling for my camera,

Before I headed back.


Getting ready, to take my shot,

I noticed, I wasn’t alone,

A stranger was standing near me,

With a nice and pleasant tone.


The history of the village,

Plants and people too,

So much we had to chat about,

Whilst soaking up the view.


Thanks and goodbyes were passed,

After we had our say,

Off I went on to the beach,

To the shingle where i’d lay.


Very still, I closed my eyes,

As I  listened to the sea,

My body alive with the passion inside,

That the coast always brings to me.

 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers suffolktourism norfolktourism norfolkcopywriter suffolkcopywriter
Felixstowe, Suffolk



So open

So vast

Into this land I stare

Nothing to think

But my life’s love I care.


My time that is given

On temporary lease

For the ultimate end

Isn’t emptiness

But peace. alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers norfolktourism suffolktourism norfolkcopywriters suffolkcopywriters Redarrows Isleofman visitiom
The Red Arrows, Isle of Man

Set Me Free


When I’m inside

Life is Hell

When I’m outside

All is well.

Can you help me

Feel so free

Like a bird

Upon a tree.

Let me soar

Into the sky

Empty head

Of questions “Why?”

Help me to

Be wide awake

Through the clouds

My soul I take.

Hold my hand

And I

You keep.

Fly away

Together deep.

All I ever

Want for me

A happy heart

Set me free.
 alisonconnors whatdoesacopywriterdo norfolkandsuffolkcoastalwalkers norfolktourism suffolktourism norfolkcopywriter suffolkcopywriter southwold
Southwold Pier, Suffolk

Spread the Happy Seed


Find the garden in your heart,


And plant a Happy seed.


Feel and watch it grow,


Into a beautiful Smile.


Whenever your eyes make contact with another person,




You have planted the Happy Seed,


Inside their heart.